Mount Spec Road, a sensational drive in Paluma Range NP

Mount Spec Road is a very scenic drive with stunning views in North Queensland, in northeastern Australia.

Mount Spec Road

Located in the Mount Spec ranges, in Paluma Range National Park, the road is totally paved but pretty treacherous. The construction of the road started in 1931 and took five years to complete. The road was constructed in hilly terrain by a large labour force using limited mechanical assistance. It’s pretty steep, with some sections between 10-15% of gradient. The road is 21.7 km (13.48 miles) long, running east-west from Barrett Road to Ewan Paluma Road. It’s narrow and there are no guard rails on the edge of the road. The road is windy and buses, caravans and campervans should travel with caution. Road closures can be frequent, so check conditions before traveling to this area. Seasonal closures are common in the wetter months, due to flooding and occasionally in the dryer months the park will be closed due to fires.

The most famous part of the road is a bridge at Crystal Creek. It was built in 1933 and was an extremely labour-intensive bridge to build. It’s the only arch road bridge that remains in service in Queensland. Mt Spec Road and Little Crystal Creek Bridge are listed on the Queensland Heritage Register.