Wakehurst Parkway is one of Australia's most haunted roads

Located in the state of New South Wales, Australia, Wakehurst Parkway has long been the stuff of local legend, from a girl in a white dress to a phantom nun and ghost stories. It's one of the Top Haunted Roads in the world.

Wakehurst Parkway

Where is Wakehurst Parkway?

The road is situated approximately 26 kilometres from the heart of Sydney, in New South Wales, in the southeastern part of the country.

How long is Wakehurst Parkway?

Located near Sydney's northern beaches, the road spans 14.5 km (9 miles), running from Seaforth to North Narrabeen.

Why is Wakehurst Parkway famous?

The road is renowned for its many fatal crashes and eerie atmosphere. Not only is the area creepy after dark, but the road also has a dark history as a dumping ground for the bodies of Sydney murder victims.

Who haunts the lonely Wakehurst Parkway and why?

Most witnesses claim the scariest part is where Wakehurst Parkway meets Warringah Road. Many of the crashes are said to have been caused by a young girl named “Kelly,” who enters people’s motor vehicles as they drive along the dimly lit road after midnight. If she is not informed that her presence is unwanted, she will make the car veer off the road and crash. Those who claim to have seen ‘Kelly’ say she appears on or beside the road late at night and then disappears. Others say that Kelly appears in your back seat and unless you tell her to get out, she will take control of the car and steer you off the road.