Your guide to exploring Moralana Scenic Drive through Flinders Ranges

Located in South Australia, the Moralana Scenic Drive winds through the Flinders Ranges, offering great views of the landscape.

Moralana Scenic Drive

Is Moralana Scenic Drive unpaved?

The Moralana Scenic Drive, also known as Moralana Gorge Road, is mostly unpaved as it traverses the Flinders Ranges. It's usually passable for most vehicles in dry conditions but can be challenging after rain, often closing when wet. The drive is especially scenic in late winter and spring.

How long is Moralana Scenic Drive?

Covering 27.5 km (17.08 miles), it links Outback Highway (B83) to Flinders Ranges Way. Despite its beauty, caution is needed during wet weather, particularly at creek crossings like Moralana Creek, which can flood after heavy rains. Always check local conditions before setting out.

Is Moralana Scenic Drive worth it?

Reaching heights up to 429m (1,407ft) above sea level, the drive offers stunning views of Wilpena Pound Range, Bunbinyunna Range, Black Gap Lookout, Elder Range, and the historic Old Cueing Yards. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a great outback adventure.