Driving the Scenic Litchfield Park Road in the Northern Territory of Australia

Litchfield Park Road is one of the most picturesque drives in the Northern Territory of Australia, running through the Litchfield National Park.

Litchfield Park Road

Is the Road to Litchfield Park Sealed?

Originally part of the B30 road, the road was fully paved in 2019. It’s 132 km (82 miles) long, running from Batchelor (the largest town of the Coomalie Shire local government area) to the paved B34 road near Blackmore (a locality in Darwin adjacent to the Blackmore River). As of mid-June 2021, some sections of the road underwent widening.

How Long Does It Take to Drive Litchfield Park Road?

Plan about 2 hours to complete the drive without any stop. The drive has stunning views so you’ll stop often to take pictures. But remain vigilant due to the potential risk of saltwater crocodile attacks

Is Litchfield Park Road Steep?

The road has steep segments, with some ramps reaching a maximum gradient of 10%. The highest point along the road is at 218m (715ft) above sea level.