Fairfield-Leopold Downs Road runs through one of the last true wilderness areas on Earth

Fairfield-Leopold Downs Road is a 125 km two-lane unsealed road located in the western Kimberley region of Western Australia, running through the Tunnel Creek National Park.

Fairfield-Leopold Downs Road

The road is 125 km (77 miles) long running between the Derby Gibb River Road and the Great Northern Highway. There are certainly some patches of dust, potholes and creek crossings. It is a very dusty road, particularly the section from Windjana to Tunnel Creek. That section is also very busy with tour groups.

After rain, even a single rainfall, conditions of the road can be challenging. Adverse weather conditions can prompt closure of the road. The road’s name is derived from the two Cattle Stations it passes through to reach the Gibb River road at its western end.
Best travelled from May to September. This road features heavy corrugations and can become impassable during the wet season. Sometimes suitable for vehicles towing caravans during the dry season, 4WD vehicles are recommended with caution at dips, and washouts. It’s a fairly flat road with the steepest gradient/incline along its length being only about 3%.