A journey on the legendary Lerderderg Track

Lerderderg Track is a 4wd track located in the Lerderderg State Park, in Australia. The trail passes through the park, entering from Blackwood in the park's northwest, and exiting south towards Bacchus Marsh via Blackwood.

Lerderderg Track

The unpaved sections of the road can be impassable when wet. After rain, sections of road can become decidedly hazardous when fast-flowing creek crossings and slippery mud can cause road closures. Bicycles are prohibited from one section of this track, due to a conservation area. This track is closed during the winter months.
The track is part of the Great Dividing Trail (GDT) network. During and after a storm the road may be impassable, even with a four-wheel-drive vehicle and can easily get muddy if it rains making it challenging to get through. A section of the track between Blackwood Springs Reserve and North Blackwood Road is very slippery when wet. The track is also covered with flood debris approximately 50 metres north of the bridge over the Lerderderg River on North Blackwood Road. The track features some of the wildest and most rugged landscapes.
Pic: Winston Hawke