Humbert Track: ravine and river crossings

Humbert Track is a challenging track located in the Northern Territory (Australia).

Humbert Track

Located in the Gregory National Park, the trail is totally unpaved. It’s 62.5km (38.83 miles) long, and runs between Humbert River Station and Bullita Homestead. 4x4 vehicle required. This 4WD Track follows the valleys of Fig Tree Creek and Humbert River. The track is mostly easy going, with some rugged sections mid way. It was used as a stock route and to cart supplies between Bullita Outstation and Humbert River Station.

After rain, sections of road can become decidedly hazardous when fast-flowing creek crossings and slippery mud can cause road closures. The trail is fairly easy going except for the creek and river crossings that present a bit of a challenge. No dodging of trees on this track. The driving is slow but straight forward.
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