Mount Kosciuszko

A challenging road to Mount Kosciuszko in Australia

Mount Kosciuszko is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 2.228m (7,310ft) above the sea level, located in New South Wales, in Australia. It’s the highest point in the country you can legally take a push bike. It's one of the highest roads of the country.

Set in the Snowy Mountains, within the Kosciuszko National Park, the trail to the summit is 9.2km (5.71 miles) long starting at Charlotte Pass. It’s totally unpaved. It’s called Summit Road. Until 1977 it was possible to drive through Rawson Pass to within a few metres of the summit. The current walking track to Mount Kosciuszko from Charlotte Pass is in fact that road, which was closed to public motor vehicle access due to environmental concerns. This track is also used by cyclists as far as Rawson Pass, where they must leave their bicycles at a bike-rack and continue onto the summit track on foot.

Tucked away on the southeastern part of the country, the ride is definitely worth it. The path has a gravel and rocky surface. It passes the well known Snowy River and Seamans Hut. Rawson Pass is at the foot of Australia's highest mountain, and there are great views along the main range. Rawson Pass is also home to the highest public toilets in Australia. The road crosses the Snowy River at 4.5 km and then ascends gradually to Seaman's Hut (6 km), Rawson's Pass (8 km) and, finally, to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko.