Mount Baw Baw Tourist Road is a very picturesque curvy drive

Mount Baw Baw Tourist Road is a mountain road located in Victoria, Australia, climbing up to Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort, at an elevation of 1.478m (4,849ft) above the sea level.

Mount Baw Baw Tourist Road

Is Mount Baw Baw Tourist Road sealed?

The road to the resort is paved. It was totally sealed in 1990. It’s a beautiful but narrow and winding road called Mount Baw Baw Tourist Road (also called C426). It’s suitable for all 2WD vehicles. The road is much more winding than South Face Road, the other access road to Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort.

How long is Mount Baw Baw Tourist Road?

Tucked away on the southeastern part of Australia, the road to the resort is 51.2 km (31.81 miles) long starting at Piedmont. It’s a beautiful drive through the National Park then up narrow and windy roads to Mt Baw Baw. The tourist drive is very picturesque but curvy. At the beautiful old town of Noojee you can have a quick break, snack or lunch. 

Is Mount Baw Baw Tourist Road challenging?

Located approximately 120 km east of Melbourne, cycling up the Mt Baw Baw Tourist Road is not for the faint hearted. The ascent is very defiant and it’s said to be one of the hardest road climbs in the country. Some professional riders have considered the ascent as the second hardest climb in the world of cycling and is sure to test your endurance; a gradient of 20.6% is recorded at Winch Corner. The road features one of the toughest climbs accessible by road bicycles in Australia. The climb is not as long as, but considerably steeper than any of the hors catégorie climbs featured in the Tour de France. The first half of the climb is friendly enough but at an average gradient of over 10%, the second half of this climb is not for the faint of heart. Local folklore says the hard part of Mt Baw Baw road is the final 6km from the gatehouse to the summit which has an elevation gain of 780m. The average gradient is 11.3% with some parts reaching 20.6%.

Do I need chains to drive to Mt Baw Baw?

Set high in the Great Dividing Range, in the Baw Baw Ranges, be prepared for all conditions as the weather can change rapidly in the Alps. Avoid driving up in bad weather, ensure you have warm, waterproof clothing and footwear and a tube of sunscreen. Make sure you plan where you will fill up your fuel tank before heading up the mountain (there is no petrol station on the mountain!). All vehicles are required by law to carry snow chains during the declared snow season regardless of conditions when entering Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort. Chains are available from Neerim South.