Corkscrew Road

Corkscrew Road is a popular route for cyclists in South Australia

Corkscrew Road is a famous climb for the difficulty of riding up the steep and sharp bends, located in Montacute, a small town and suburb in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

The road is 3.7km (2.29 mile) long running through 4 dramatic switchbacks. It takes you north-south from B-31 (Gorge Road) to Montacute Road. The drive starts at an elevation of 146m (479ft) above the sea level and ends at 392m (1,286ft) asl. The elevation gain is 246 meters and the average gradient is 6.64%.

The experience of using this paved road is very impressive. This precipitous route with many twists and turns is a popular route for cyclists and day trippers. The climb is pretty steep and hits about 14-15% through some of the corners.