Burke Developmental Road is a remote route in Queensland

Located in Queensland, Australia, the Burke Developmental Road is a great drive through savannah woodland country.

Burke Developmental Road

How long is the Burke Developmental Road?

The road is 1.079km (670 mi) long. It’s one of the Australian longest roads, linking the communities of the gulf region to north and north west Queensland. Commencing at Dimbulah, approximately 120km west of Cairns in Far North Queensland, the Burke Developmental Road crosses the base of Cape York Peninsula to Normanton at the southern end of the Gulf of Carpentaria, before heading south to Cloncurry, approximately 100km east of Mt Isa. East of Dimbulah it is called the Mareeba - Dimbulah Road.

Is the Burke Developmental Road sealed?

This track, with sealed and unsealed sections, is used to service the graziers, miners and remote communities in the Gulf of Carpentaria. The design of the road made it a popular tourist route. The Burke Developmental Road (BDR) was constructed to service the beef industry and is a great drive. Very few vehicles, thousands upon thousands of cattle and million of acres of savannah woodland country. 

Is the Burke Developmental Road challenging?

Although it can be a reasonably easy drive in favourable conditions it also has the potential to be a very difficult track and at times impassable after wet weather. In early 2009 sections of the road were damaged as a result of monsoonal flooding caused by Tropical Cyclones Ellie and Charlotte. 

Pic: https://www.qra.qld.gov.au/news-case-studies/case-studies/burke-developmental-road-betterment-works-withstand-wet-season