Driving the coastal Captain Cook Highway in Australia

Captain Cook Highway is a very scenic road through many pristine sandy beaches that winds alongside the coast in Queensland, Australia. It's one of the best coastal drives in the world.

Captain Cook Highway

Where does the Captain Cook Highway start and end?

It’s 75 km (47 mi) long, running from Cairns City to Mossman on Queensland’s north coast. The highway is popular with motorcycles, with its winding corners making it a fun ride.

Is the Captain Cook Highway paved?

Yes, the road is totally paved. It has many twists and bends, and the road surface is smooth. Despite the fact that the Captain Cook Highway is a short Queensland highway and also one of the most popular routes in Australia used by lots of tourists, the highway is regarded as one of the most dangerous roads in the country.

How long does it take to drive the Captain Cook Highway?

To drive the road without stopping will take most people between 1 and 2 hours. For tourists, it is the main road that connects popular tourist destinations Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, and the Daintree National Park to Cairns.

Is the Captain Cook Highway worth it?

The drive will provide you with an unforgettable driving experience, through many pristine sandy beaches, between the reef and rainforest. Its magnificent ocean views and spectacular mountain scenery make it one of the best drives in the country. There are also a number of lookouts along the way that give 270-degree views of the Coral Sea and coastline. Hang gliders often use some of the elevated sections to launch, and there are a number of fantastic fishing spots along the way as well.