Buntine Highway

Buntine Highway is an awe-inspiring route through remote areas of Australia

Buntine Highway is the name of a very scenic drive located in the western part of Australia's Northern Territory, running through remote areas of the country.

How long is the Buntine Highway?

The road is 570km (354 miles) long running from Victoria Highway (on Delamere) to the Western Australian border. The road winds its way south and west past cattle stations and Indigenous communities. It runs roughly parallel to Victoria Highway, and offers an alternate route into Western Australia.

Is the Buntine Highway sealed?

Named after Noel Buntine (a road train pioneer and drover) in 1996, the road is mostly paved. 336km of the road is sealed and 222km predominantly paved. A 4x4 vehicle is recommended. There are a lot of blind corners and a 20 per cent of the road is very dangerous, very narrow for road trains to get around each other.
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