Bloomfield Track

Bloomfield Track, one of the most popular 4WD tracks in Australia

Bloomfield Track is a 30km off-road 4wd track that winds its way through the majestic Daintree Cape Tribulation Rainforests discovering the beautiful Bloomfield Falls and natural waterholes in Australia.

Where does the Bloomfield track start?

The track runs from Cape Tribulation to Cooktown. It is one of Australia’s most scenic and challenging drives. The road is 30 km (19 mi) long. This track is not suitable for 2wd vehicles and even in a 4wd vehicle it is suited to the more experienced 4x4 driver. Although it can be a reasonably easy drive in favorable conditions it also has the potential to be a very difficult track and at times impassable after wet weather. It is very important to check rainfall in this area before setting off and make sure you are well prepared for the trip. It is however well worth the effort if the conditions are right and you are prepared and ready for the challenge. It is however quite normal to experience some wet weather while on the rainforest trek at the beginning, leading to more dry and desert conditions towards the end of the trip.

Is the Bloomfield Track open?

The Bloomfield track has very little gravel covering and can be either a dry slippery surface or a muddy and at times boggy track which takes you on some steep hill climbs, sloping descents and great creek crossings. It is important to gauge the depth and current of the water in the creek before crossing to make sure it is safe to do so. If you have to leave the vehicle to check the depth of the creek for the crossing please be aware that you are in Crocodile territory and be very careful. This 4wd trek is a fantastic day trip that any 4wd enthusiast would enjoy covering a diverse terrain from slippery clay, boggy mud, slippery dirt, creek crossing, steep hill climbs, winding tracks and difficult sloping descents. Please turn headlights on at all times and drive according to conditions. The track is subject to seasonal flooding, slips, loss of traction, potholes and fallen trees.Conditions on the Track can change very quickly and “if it’s flooded forget it”. It may become impassable without notice. Please drive safely.

Is the Bloomfield Track sealed?

No entry fees or permits are required to do this 4x4 trek. Make sure you take insect repellent. This type of terrain involves some skilful 4x4 driving and it is always important to use common sense and your four wheel driving knowledge when making steep climbs and descents and crossing creeks/rivers in your vehicle. When crossing a creek you need to gauge the depth and whether a current is present, as some vehicles have been washed away in strong currents after substantial rainfall. The road was completed in 1984. To reduce the environment impact the road was designed with few switchbacks and bends on the climbs resulting in patches of steep gradients over the ranges. The road is only partially sealed with very steep ranges and natural creek crossings. As such, the road can become impassable after heavy rain.  Motorists should exercise caution when attempting to traverse natural creek crossings.

Is Bloomfield Track dangerous?

Drive at moderate speed. You’re not on a race. It is an unforgettable experience, full of spectacular views. The track can be subject to sudden flooding, fallen trees and potholes, so always check conditions before heading off. The road is also known as the Bloomfield Track or Coast Road. You should always drive slowly and carefully, particularly if you are not used to unsealed roads. The Track is generally unsuitable for trailers and definitely not caravans.



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