Driving the narrow Walhalla Road in Victoria

Walhalla Road is a winding route with numerous switchbacks through the mountains, located in South-East Australia, in the eastern Victorian region of Gippsland.

Walhalla Road

Is Walhalla Road in Victoria unpaved?

The road is entirely unpaved and features hundreds of turns and sharp hairpin bends. It is very narrow in parts and closed to larger vehicles, not suitable for caravans and vehicles weighing more than 3 tonnes.

How long is Walhalla Road in Victoria?

Situated on the eastern shore of Thomson Dam, the road is 71.2 km (44.24 miles) long, running north-south from Matlock to Walhalla, a remote and picturesque mountain township known for its rich gold production over 50 years.

How challenging is Walhalla Road in Victoria?

The drive is quite challenging but manageable in a higher clearance SUV-type vehicle, especially in good weather. If you don't encounter anyone on the narrow sections, it's relatively easy. Be cautious of potholes in a few areas and the road's narrow width. There's a risk of falling trees.
Pic: Sean Maher