Crossing the Mitchell River at Drumduff Crossing

Drumduff Crossing is a causeway located in the Shire of Mareeba, Queensland, Australia. It’s one of the most spectacular bridges in the world.

Drumduff Crossing

The low concrete causeway is 208m (685ft) long on the banks of the Mitchell River. The causeway carries the scenic 1.079km (670 mi) long Burke Developmental Road.

Although it can be a reasonably easy drive in favorable conditions it also has the potential to be a very difficult track and at times impassable after wet weather. The crossing over the water is a long, which acts like a weir holding back water on one side, yet the water can cascade over when there’s flow. Look out for crocs if there is any water flow. Another hazard is that stream crossings may also be washed out or still too deep.