Crossing 363 dunes on Googs Track in Australia

Googs Track is the name of a challenging drive located in South Australia, in Australia. The track offers a Simpson-like experience.

Googs Track

How long is the Googs Track?

Tucked away on the southern central part of Australia, the narrow, sandy, one-lane track through dry landscape is 186 km (115 miles) long, running south-north from Ceduna to the Transcontinental Railway Line near Tarcoola.

How hard is Googs Track?

Running through the Yumbarra Conservation Park and Yellabinna Regional Reserve, the road has more than 300 dunes climbing up to 25 metres. The road is severely corrugated with rough conditions, especially upon approaches to dunes. It is a great introductory drive to outback SA. The track is narrow and in most parts doesn’t allow for two cars to easily pass each other. It’s usually muddy after rains.

Can you take a caravan on Googs Track?

The track is not maintained and the sand is deep and soft on many dunes so a high clearance 4X4 vehicle (and sand driving skills) is required. Don’t attempt it in any other type of vehicle. Difficulties can be encountered getting over some sandhills and this is definitely not a place to take a caravan. Towing trailers is not recommended on the track.

Who made Googs Track?

The road is named after John (Goog) Denton, an egg seller (hence the name) who built the road in 1973 to benefit the farming community.

How long does it take to drive Googs Track?

To complete the drive will take most people around 1 day. The scenery through the road is fantastic and rare wildlife can also be found. Due its remoteness, carry a satellite phone. The cooler months are the best time to travel: avoid summer months. This is a remote area and people travelling this track need sufficient food, water and fuel. Remember to monitor UHF channel 18 to communicate with other drivers on the track.
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