Tips For A Self-Drive Adventure In Auckland

If you're planning a self-drive adventure in Auckland, you're in luck. The city is full of endless possibilities for getting out and exploring the surrounding area. From the coast to the hills, Auckland has something for everyone. Whether hiking through native bush, kayaking along the shoreline or taking in a panoramic view from a lookout point, there are plenty of options for outdoor fun.

Tips For A Self-Drive Adventure In Auckland

But before you hit the road, here are some things you should know about before exploring Auckland's natural wonders:

Find The Best Motorhome Rental Deals

If you're looking to explore the north island of New Zealand in style, renting a motorhome is the ideal way. You can tour at your own pace and stay where you please, which means that you can also save money by avoiding expensive hotels and restaurants.

If you're planning on heading out on your own adventure in Auckland, finding the best deals on motorhomes before you set off is important. Many different companies offer rental vehicles, but not all of them are worth using. 

Know Your Route

You can know your route by using online maps or another navigation app. You'll want to ensure that you include at least one stop along the way so that you can stretch your legs and possibly take in some of New Zealand's breathtaking scenery.

Once you've planned your route, take note of any toll roads or ferries that may be essential for getting from point A to point B. These can add up quickly, so it's best to know about them before you start driving your campervan.

Understand The Road Rules

Auckland is a stunningly beautiful city to explore on your own, but there are some rules you must follow to ensure a safe time. Here are the road rules for driving in Auckland:

  • Drive On The Left-hand Side Of The Road: It's not always easy to remember when exploring Auckland on your own. Before you set off, ensure you know which side of the road to drive on when approaching junctions and roundabouts. You can practice this by going around with someone who knows how to drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  • Keep Your Distance From Other Cars: Avoid getting too close to other vehicles when driving in Auckland. This is important because it's easy for drivers to become distracted by their cell phones or music devices while driving, and this can lead them to accidents if they're too close together at any given time. Make sure that you keep plenty of space between yourself and other vehicles whenever possible so that both sides are safe.
  • Watch Out For Pedestrians And Cyclists: Pedestrians and cyclists have as much rights as anyone else on the road and can cause serious injury if not given adequate space by other drivers. Remember that pedestrians always have the right of way at pedestrian crossings, even if they start crossing when there is still time left on the countdown timer.

You must understand these road rules before embarking on your adventure.

Check The Weather

The weather in Auckland is unpredictable, so it's best to check the forecast before you head out on your road trip.

Travelers say that the best time to see Auckland is between May and October. During this period, the weather is warm and dry, with average temperatures of around 18°C. However, during the winter months, from June to August, heavy rainfall can lead to flooding in low-lying areas, and strong winds can disrupt roads. If visiting between November and April, it's worth checking forecasts before setting off on your trip, as rain is more likely during these months.

Bring Some Snacks

For long road trips, it's essential to have plenty of food and drinks on board. You never know when hunger or thirst might strike. Packing enough snacks and drinks is recommended, so they last the entire journey. You might want to consider buying some extra water from a supermarket before leaving home in case there aren't any shops along the way or if they don't sell bottled water. It's also worth bringing some basic first aid supplies just in case anything happens.

Final Thoughts

The sun's shining, and you've rented a motorhome. What better way to spend your day than on a self-drive adventure in Auckland? You can drive along the coast, see the fantastic beaches, or head inland and explore the lush green forests. Whatever your heart desires, there are plenty of places to go and things to see. So, get out there and enjoy yourself.