Adventure along the wild Donohue Highway

Donohue Highway is the name of a very scenic drive running through the northern foothills of the Simpson Desert in Queensland, in Australia.

Donohue Highway

How long is the Donohue Highway?

The road is 249 km (155 mi) long, running east-west from the Diamantina Developmental Road (National Route 83) at Boulia, to the Plenty Highway (State Route 12) at the Northern Territory/Queensland border. The road is named after one of Boulia's past Mayors or Chairmen, Cliff Donohue.

Is the Donohue Highway sealed?

Part of the 2.800 km (1,740 mi) long Outback Highway (or Outback Way), the road is mostly unpaved, with corrugations, deep potholes and bulldust. It’s not regularly maintained or graded. Further parts of the road are being paved. The road is impassable during or after rains. Recommended high clearance vehicles and 4WDs only.
Pic: John Spieker