Lawrence Hargrave Drive is one of the most beautiful coastal roads

Located on the south coast of New South Wales, in Australia, the Lawrence Hargrave Drive is said to be one of the most beautiful coastal roads.

Lawrence Hargrave Drive

Part of the Grand Pacific Drive, the popular tourist drive is totally paved. The road is 19.8 km (12.30 miles) long and runs South-north from B65 road near Bulli (a northern suburb of Wollongong) to Princes Highway, on Stanwell Tops.

Located in the northern Illawarra region, the road allows drivers to experience Wollongong's spectacular coasts. The road was originally constructed in the 1870s and had a long history of rock falls and embankment failure. The most famous sections of the road are 2 bridges known as Sea Cliff Bridge and the adjoining Lawrence Hargrave Drive Bridge.
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