Hughenden Muttaburra Road, a gravel nightmare

Hughenden Muttaburra Road (part of the State Route 19) is a challenging drive located in the heart of Queensland Australia. Recommended to 4wd or High Clearance vehicles only.

Hughenden Muttaburra Road

The road is 210 km (130 miles) long, running north-south from Hughenden (a town and locality in the Shire of Flinders) to Muttaburra, a town and locality in the Barcaldine Region. Most of the road (70%) is unsealed and open to all vehicles. However some areas have black soil and when wet can become very dangerous, very quickly. It features some corrugation. The last 100 gravel kilometers into Hughenden coming from Mittaburra are really bad. It is a very sharp gravel road with very deep wheel ruts and big loose granite like boulders that destroy the underside of your vehicle.

The drive is recommended to 4wd or High Clearance vehicles only. The road features many steep sections, topping out at 376m (1,233ft) above the sea level. This road has speed limit signs stating 100kph, which is an absolute joke, even for trucks and high clearance vehicles. You would be lucky to do 60kph without major damage to your vehicle. The road is an absolute horror, a gravel nightmare, for 2wd vehicles towing a caravan.
Road suggested by: S.Haas