Khujand-Dushanbe road

Khujand-Dushanbe Road

The Khujand-Dushanbe road is an amazing journey in the mountains of Tajikistan. Part of the M-34 highway, the road links Duschanbe, the capital of the country, and Khujand, the country's second largest city.

This mountain toll road is the main passage from north to south Tajikistan, linking the most important cities of the country. It’s 290 km long with heavy traffic and lots of trucks, some mountain passes and dozens of unlit and narrow tunnels, including the Anzob Tunnel, nicknamed the Tunnel of Fear and the Tunnel of Death by locals.

The road is asphalted in bad conditions, pretty narrow in parts with no protections and dangerous dropoffs. Expect fog and rain often and snow on winters. The drive is difficult and dangerous due to the driving through the steep mountain pass on serpentine.
Pic: Roman Pachaev