The road to Kök Jar Pass is not a Sunday Drive

Kök Jar Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3.807m (12,490ft) above the sea level, located in the Kūhistoni Badakhshon Autonomous Region, in eastern Tajikistan. The road may be impassible at times even by 4×4 vehicles.

Kök Jar Pass

Located in the Pamir Mountains, this route through an indescribable area demands 100% concentration. The whole route is almost never passable by vehicles of any kind because it is constantly washed away by floods and landslides. There are large boulders blocking parts the road and some sections are washed away.
The pass is also known as Kok Jar. The road, known as Bartang Highway, may be impassible at times even by 4×4 vehicles. The path is extremely narrow, the depth of the canyons terrifying close and the uncertainty of ‘what to come’ is exhausting. The road is hair-raisingly narrow in some places, while the deep escarpment looms next to it. In winter, there falls a lot of snow in these areas, which can cause landslides and avalanches.
This trail passes through remote areas, so you need to be prepared. The Bartang valley is one of the most remote and rugged areas in the already desolate Pamir Mountains. This route is not suitable for normal cars. The pass links the village of Ghudara, a decent sized village at the end of the Bartang Valley and Shurali, a small town with geoglyphs- an ancient solar calendar made of large stones. The road is impassable in winters. It is not generally snow-free until late June or even July in some years.
Road suggested by: Hugh Wilson
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