Suhua Highway

Suhua Highway hugs the cliffs of Taiwan's east coast

Suhua Highway is one of the most scenic drives in Asia. The road hugs the cliffs of Taiwan's east coast, from Su'ao to Hualian. With a portion built alongside very steep cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean, it is a dangerous yet scenic drive. It's one of the most scenic drives in the world.

How long is Suhua Highway?

Located on Taiwan's east coast, on the boundary between Hualien and Yilan counties, the road is totally paved. It’s 118km (73 miles) long, running from from Su'ao to Hualian. Though it is quite dangerous driving on this road, since there are nasty curves and falling rocks, the beautiful scenery along the winding road attracts many travelers. Though the Suhua Highway is a sightseeing road, there are often trucks transporting stone and goods on the road. Drive carefully, and watch out for fallen rocks. Avoid the rainy season (summer, June–August), when landslides are most likely.

When was the Suhua Highway built?

The highway was opened to traffic in May 1932. With no guard rails to speak of, and with falling rocks a constant threat, the cliffside highway was regarded as one of the most dangerous in the world. Cliffs of gneiss and marble from sheer drops of more than a thousand meters, and the road winds its way precariously between the cliffs on one side and the ocean on the other. The highway runs through steep cliffs along the coastlines - some of the most beautiful scenery in eastern Taiwan. However, driving on this road can be a little dangerous since there are nasty curves, falling rocks and landslides, especially in typhoon season or when an earthquake occurs. So drive slowly for the sake of safety and appreciating the beautiful scenery. Famous tourist stops include the Chingshui Cliffs.