Travel guide to Diyaluma falls in Sri Lanka

Diyaluma (also known as Diya Haluma) is a waterfall located in Sri Lanka's Badulla district. At 220m high is the second highest waterfall in the country.

Diyaluma waterfall

Nestled in the Sri Lankan highlands, the road to reach the waterfall is called A4 road (or Colombo-Badulla highway). The waterfall is located at an elevation of 694m above the sea level. It’s located 6 km away from Koslanda. Collects its water from the Poonagala Oya in the vicinity of Koslanda and Wellawaya. The last part of the drive is uphill and the road isn’t the best from that point. It’s the perfect spot for a full day adventure.

The road to the waterfall is paved, pretty steep with several bridges. Without market central lines, is scarcely wide enough for two cars to pass at the same time and there are no protections or guard rails along some parts of the route. The road makes a turn close under the waterfall. Vehicles stop both sides of the bridge. In the middle is a platform for visitors. Locals try to sell their souvenirs, food and ice cream. Crowds of monkeys are hunting for food. Visitors and locals use to swim under the waterfall. But this place is not as clean as on the top.