Kiangan-Buguias Road

Driving from Kiangan to Buguias: the highest road in the Philippines

Located in the province of Ifugao, in the Philippines, the road from Kiangan to Buguias is said to be the highest road in the country.

Tucked away within the Cordillera Central range, the curvy road from Kiangan to Buguias is said to be the highest road in the country, topping out at 2.406m (7,893ft) above the sea level. Until 2019, the holder of the distinction was the infamous Halsema Highway. The 1st District Engineer’s Office of Ifugao installed a concrete marker indicating the elevation and location of the new highest point.

The winding road is pretty dangerous, especially during the rainy season. Like many under-maintained mountain roads, landslides are a hazard on the road, where big stones and debris tumble from peaks. And along with the cloud forests comes mist that can ruin visibility. Extreme foggy conditions and slippery asphalt during rainy season, complicate the driving, turning the road even more dangerous.
The highway is very steep hitting a 20.4% of maximum gradient through some of the ramps. It passes through primarily mossy forest. Plan 2.30 hours to complete the drive without any stop.
Pic: Elmer Ullani


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