Manila - The Memorable Experience Of Culture And Heritage

Philippines is a picturesque island nation with several beautiful beaches and lush green jungles for adventurous travelers. For those seeking adventures, the country of Philippines has an abundance of it. However, if you wish to dive deeper and learn more about the culture and life of the Philippines, then there is no place better to start than the capital city of Manila.

Manila - The Memorable Experience Of Culture And Heritage

Best Time to Visit Manila

Manila is best visited during the dry seasons, which last from December to May. The temperature during the dry season is relatively cooler, with temperatures staying at an average of 27°C and 22°C at the lowest.

Travel Insurance For Manila

It is recommended when traveling internationally to have travel insurance prepared. This is always beneficial to you as travel insurance will cover you in the unfortunate event that something were to happen to you or your belongings.

Most travel insurance covers passengers-

  • Belongings, if lost or damaged would be covered by the insurance.
  • In the event, you require medical care in a foreign country, holding travel insurance will assist you considerably by covering most medical expenses like doctor fee and other medical expenses
  • Passengers would be compensated in the event of a cancellation or postponement
  • If you were to die or suffer disablement due to an accident during your travel, your insurance will cover your death.

How Much Time Should You Spend In Manila?

The most popular method that many choose is flight booking. When traveling to the Philippines spare some time to visit the city of Manila. The city will provide you with an inkling of the life of the people living there, their cultures and also there are several restaurants and market places you will not find anywhere else in the country. Ideally spend atleast around 2 to 3 days and nights visiting the city before hopping off to the beaches and jungles.

How to travel to Manila?

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport is the busiest in the country and sees the largest number of visitors entering the city every week. You may choose any of the airlines that are well connected with several major destinations in the world.

Traveling in Manila

Commuting isn’t much of a problem in the city, as it is well organized and inexpensive. Tourists can book cabs from mobile cab booking applications which allow for pick up and drop services. Most online taxis have a fixed rate so you can comfortably travel without the worry of getting scammed.

Walking is another great way to commute the short city distances. Walking down the old street of Manila will provide you lot of interesting information on the life and culture of the locals of manila.

Other transportation services include buses, ferries, tricycles also known locally as a tuk-tuk, and lastly Jeepney the iconic jeep taxi of the city. Colorful and cheap, these jeeps are easy to travel around the city and enjoy a fun experience, especially if you choose to ride topload which is sitting on the top of the jeep.

Language and Currency in Manila

The language that is most commonly spoken in the country and the capital city is Tagalog. The formalized version of which is known as ‘Filipino’. There are also minor pockets of Spanish-speaking population in the city which is a remnant of being the only Spanish colony in Asia decades ago. Tourists visiting the country shouldn’t be worried about communication though as most of the population understands and speaks English to a communicable level.

Learn its Revealing History (Manila)

Manila is center-stage to the Philippines history. Being its capital for centuries, the city holds great importance to the country’s cultural and political history. And as such anyone with a serious endeavor or even just to pique their curiosity should visit the capital of Manila to learn more about its rich and amazing past.

Some Impressive Non-European Churches

The early Spanish missionaries that came to Manila had very low skills in architecture and as such many of the churches built during that era, had been designed using the native skill of architecture. This unique architectural blend of native Tagalog and Spanish resulted in the baroque churches. There are four churches in the Philippines and one of its most famous one is the San Augustin Church in Manilla

Tourist Places to Visit in Manila

There are a lot of places you can visit in Manila. The spectacular San Augustin Church is one of the most famous churches in the world for its beautiful Spanish influenced architecture. The marine life in Manila ocean park is a treat for those who love aquatic life, and Republiq is a wonderful place for those who wish to observe the nightlife of Manila.

Street Food & Markets In Manila

‘Qianpo market’ in the city is a beautiful market which holds some of the best street food in the city. And the streets of ‘Qianpo’are the best place for you to enjoy street food in Manilla. When in the city, do try the fame Isaw of Manila, Betamax, and Kikiam.

Shopping In Manila

Manilla is a great place to purchase Philippine pearls, silk products, bamboo products, Barako coffee, and abaca baskets, etc. Several upscale malls are home to a lot of international brands. Manilla is cheap and a haven for those who love to shop. However, make sure to always bargain.

Where To Stay In Manila

Manila Bay is very popular for tourist accommodation due to the many hotels available at a wide range of prices. Makati and Malate are more backpacker focussed and when it comes to nightlife, the neighborhood of Pasay is a great choice.

Best Places for Food in Manila

When it comes to food, few can match the quality and diversity of Manila. From the Tagaytay, intercontinental dishes in ‘Antonio’ to the Fame ‘Benjarong Thai Restaurant’. The cuisine in Manila sees a lot of European influence, particularly in Spain and Italy. Many top-rated restaurants mix these European influences to create interesting amalgamations with traditional tagalong cuisines. ‘The pig and palm’ being one such example. In short , this visit will really whet the appetitie of a tourist who is fond of history and the rich cultural heritage of Manila provides the tourists a memorable experience.