How to Survive on the road to Naltar Lakes

Naltar Lakes is the given name to three lakes – Strangi Lake, Blue Lake, and Bodlok Lake – situated in the Gilgit District of the Gilgit–Baltistan territory of Pakistan. The lakes are inaccessible by vehicle during the winter season.

Naltar Lakes

Where are the Naltar Lakes?

These lakes, also known as Bashkiri Lakes, are situated at altitudes ranging from 3,050 to 3,150 meters above sea level, within the Naltar Valley -usually known as the 'magic carpet' of Pakistan-, due to its beautiful landscape.

How challenging is the road to Naltar Lakes?

The road to the lakes, called Naltar Valley Road, is completely unpaved. It is a long, difficult, and dangerous drive for experienced drivers only. You’ll need a 4x4 vehicle to complete the drive. It runs parallel to the Naltar River and is prone to flooding.

How long is the road to Naltar Lakes?

Starting from Nomal, the road to the lakes is around 30 kilometers (19 miles) long.

Can I drive to Naltar Lakes in winter?

Located in the heart of Naltar Valley, the road is usually impassable in winters due to the snow, with snowbanks of 10 to 15 feet. Extra trekking is required to access the area during winter. The best time to visit the lakes is from May to October.
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