Crossing the Naltar River Bridge: A Thrilling Journey

The Naltar River Bridge is no walk in the park. This high mountain bridge sits at an elevation of 2,386 meters (7,828 feet) above sea level, nestled in the Gilgit District of the Gilgit–Baltistan territory in Pakistan. It’s one of the most spectacular bridges in the world.

Naltar River Bridge

Situated in the heart of the enchanting Naltar Valley, often referred to as the 'magic carpet' of Pakistan, this wooden bridge is a crucial link along the challenging Roshan Abad Road. This road, in turn, connects to the rugged Naltar Valley Road, the daring route from Nomal to Naltar Lakes.

Found in the charming town of Naltar Payan, the bridge stretches for 93.27 meters (306.02 feet) and is surrounded by lush greenery and towering mountains.
Pic: Farhan Shehzad