How to Survive and Journey through the Dangerous Minimarg Road

Dubbed as the Switzerland of Pakistan, Minimarg is a tiny village located in the Astore District of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Minimarg Road

Is the road to Minimarg unpaved?

Tucked away in the Himalaya range, the road to the town is totally unpaved, potholed and muddy at places, running along the bank of the Burzil Nala. A 4x4 vehicle is required. The area is pretty remote and there are no hotels to spend a night at the zone.

Is Minimarg open?

Set high in the Minimarg Valley, the road is usually impassable in winters (average temperature in January is -26.3 °C) and landslides and rockfalls may be an issue in some areas. Located approximately 30 km north of the Line of Control between India and Pakistan, access to the town is not easy, and requires an Army permit.

How long is the road to Minimarg?

Starting at Burzil Pass on the challenging Astore Valley Road, the road to the town is 14.3 km (8.88 miles) long.

Is the road to Minimarg challenging?

The drive is not easy, with dangerous drop offs, steep sections, loose gravel and 21 hairpin turns.

Pic: Shoukat Ali Mahar