Supat Gali

Supat Gali is one of the gnarliest roads of Pakistan

Supat Gali is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 4.285m (14,058ft) above the sea level, located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, in Pakistan.

Tucked away in the northwestern part of the country, the challenging road to the summit, also known as Sapat Gali and Supat Galli, is totally unpaved. A 4x4 vehicle is required. Due its altitude, the road is usually impassable from late October through late June or early July (depending on snow). This road offers jaw-dropping views, unparalleled freedom, and lots of fresh air. It runs parallel to Babusar Pass.

Set high in the Supat Valley, the road to the summit is around 50km (31 miles) long, running south-north from Batakundi to Maheen Village. The road to the summit is extremely steep, hitting a grueling 23% of maximum gradient through some of the ramps. The area has been a historic crossroad between Central and South Asia.
Pic&video: Muhammad Mobeen