Karnali Highway is a true lethal adventure in Nepal

Tucked away in the Karnali Region of Nepal, Karnali Highway is said to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The police have banned driving at nights on this road due the high number of fatal accidents.

Karnali Highway

Is Karnali Highway in Nepal paved?

The road, also known as H13, is mostly paved, with some gravel sections running through a high mountainous area along the Karnali River. Karnali region is one of the least developed zones in the country. The road was completed in 2007.

How long is Karnali Highway in Nepal?

Located to the north-west of Kathmandu, the road is 232 km (144 miles) long running from Birendranagar to Chandannath (formerly Jumla). The road is narrow, but still it’s a two-way road.  Even though you can enjoy a lot on this trip, you need to be very cautious while driving. 

How’s the Karnali Highway?

The track comprises narrow stretches, landslides, rocks, flooded sections, potholes, significant drops, steep cliffs, and a substantial amount of dust, resulting in a bumpy ride. The lane is extremely narrow, and there is a lack of awareness among the public and drivers. Additionally, unattended cattle often roam the roads, adding to the hazards. Due to these factors, traveling on this road is considered risky. It is astonishing to note that the Karnali region in Nepal is one of the most underdeveloped and least developed areas. The road conditions are so poor that even cyclists who visit for the breathtaking views try to avoid the route. If cyclists find it challenging, one can only imagine the difficulties faced by those driving vehicles there.

Is Karnali Highway in Nepal dangerous?

Most of the travelers and tourist have regarded Karnali as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. As per the recent rules by the running government of the country, you cannot drive at night at this highway, and the reason behind it was the increase in the number of accidents. According to the traffic police, the causes of these deaths on Karnali Highway are the same: narrow roads, a lack of necessary road safety signs and overcrowded vehicles. You will be shocked to know that in the month of July of the year 2011, a report came of Karnali highway, which states that almost eighty five percent of the Karnali highways are unsafe for the travelers. These all are the things, which make Karnali Highway as one of the most difficult, dangerous and scary roads for the riders. Even though you can enjoy a lot on this trip, but you need to be very cautious while driving. You can understand the dangerous level of the road by the facts, which are already mentioned earlier like you are not allowed to drive at night and all. During the monsoon times, this highway becomes more dangerous, and the reason behind it is the increase in the number of landslides and other hazards.

How lethal is Karnali Highway in Nepal?

This road definitely comes with an unlimited amount of scary moments. Accidents along this narrow highway have in fact become a regular affair. On research, it was found that every year, almost fifty people die particularly on this road. On March 18, 2010, a passenger bus (Na 3 Kha 5868) of Kankrevihar Transport was en route to Surkhet from Kalikot when it hit a rock at Kitu Bhir in Dailekh and fell into the Karnali river. As many as 41 people lost their lives in that accident. It was a terrible moment for the country. One year later, on October 14, 2011, during the Dashain festival, 33 people lost their lives after a bus (Bhe 1 Kha 3167) crashed. It was carrying students who were returning home for the Dashain holidays and fell into the Pinatpane river in Chhayanath Rara-7, Mugu. Even though the highway is dangerous and scary for the travel but it has helped to open many areas of Nepal. And only because of this highway the access for education, health care, and the market has opened for the people living in Nepal.
Pic: https://www.nepal24hours.com/passengers-stranded-on-karnali-highway/