An Explorer's Guide to the Thorong La road

Thorong La is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 4.514m (14,809ft) above the sea level, located in central Nepal in the district of Mustang.

Thorong La

Located in the Annapurna Mountain range, the road to the summit, also known as Thorung La, is called Muktinath Highway. It’s a very extreme 4wd track. The safest months to cross the pass are March–April and October–November. Attempting to cross the pass at other times of the year is dangerous due to the increased risk of avalanches, frostbite and the likelihood of a storm or a whiteout. A rich Korean trekker donated a high sum to build this road, after he had very serious problem at the pass. He thought that the new road would make a faster rescue possible. Nepal's most famous pass is crossed by hundreds of trekkers daily at the height of the season, but it was the scene of tragedy in October 2014 when blizzards hit the upper stages of the Annapurna Circuit trek, killing dozens of trekkers, porters and guides. Symptoms of altitude sickness may appear, so acclimatisation is crucial.
Pic: German Guntern