Hangal nuur

Hangal Nuur

The Hangal Lake, also known as Khangal Lake, is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Khentii province, in north-eastern Mongolia.

The road to the lake is extreme. Only 4x4 vehicles. Expect a trail through a changing landscape of forested hills and open steppe. Do not travel this road in severe weather conditions. The pass lies at an elevation of 1.322m (4,337ft) above the sea level.
The lake is famous for its beautiful scenery and has a superb mountain backdrop. This trail passes through remote areas, so you need to be prepared. This route is not suitable for normal cars. The road to the lake starts from Bayanmod, a small village. It’s 70km long.


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NOTICE: Due to the spread of COVID-19, many points of interest and roads are closed and travel is not recommended. Please follow all local health authority directives before venturing off, and stay safe.