Khovd-Ölgii road

Khovd-Ölgii Road

High mountain dirt track in Mongolia, linking the cities of Khovd and Ölgii, with a length of 212 km. The track starts in Khovd (or Hovd), the capital of the Khovd Province, at an elevation of 1.395 m (4,577ft) above the sea level, and situated at the foot of the Mongol Altay Mountains, on the Buyant River.

After 212km, the road arrives to Ölgii, the capital of the Bayan-Ölgii Aimag (province), located in the extreme west of the country, at an altitude of 1.710 meters (5,610 feet) above the sea level. Some road sections may require a high clearance 4WD vehicle, in four-wheel-drive, driven by a driver experienced in 4WD drive techniques to drive the road without getting stuck.