Egiyn Davaa, courage is required to drive to the summit

Egiyn Davaa is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.599m (8,526ft) above the sea level, located on the boundary of Bayankhongor and Arkhangai Provinces, in Mongolia.

Egiyn Davaa

Nestled in the Khangai Mountains, the road to the summit is totally unpaved. 4x4 vehicle required. The area is known for the severe weather, and when driving around, you need to expect crossing many rivers.

The pass runs from Jargalant, a sum of Bayankhongor Province in southern Mongolia towards Ikh-Tamir, a sum of Arkhangai Province in the central part of the country. In the winter the road can be blocked by snow and impassable for several days.
Road suggested by: jorge manuel gómez sánchez
Pic: Ennoil0202