Highest roads of Kyrgyzstan

Highest roads of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a high mountain country located in Central Asia. Over ninety percent of the country is mountainous territory, so almost any journey, anywhere in the country involves crossing over a mountain pass.

Highest mountain passes of Kyrgyzstan:

Mountain pass Elevation Province Road
Kumtor Mine 4.460m (14,632ft) Ysyk-Köl  
Kyzylart Pass 4.280m (14,042ft) Osh M41
Pereval Karakyr 4.043m (13,264ft) Ysyk-Köl A364
Seok Pass 4.024m (13,202ft) Ysyk-Köl A364
Pereval Tong 4.012m (13,162ft) Ysyk-Köl  
Chong Ashuu Pass 4.011m (13,159ft) Ysyk-Köl A364
Tash Rabat 3.968m (13,018ft) Naryn  
Nichke pass 3.925m (12,877ft) Batken  
Pereval Metrebel 3.916m (12,847ft) Osh  
Pereval Tossor 3.893m (12,772ft) Ysyk-Köl  
Kok-Airyk 3.869m (12,693ft) Almaty  
Pereval Arabel  3.839m (12,595ft) Ysyk-Köl  
Pereval Kegety 3.832m (12,572ft) Naryn  
Engilchek mine 3.791m (12,437ft) Ysyk-Köl  
Pereval Barskaun 3.760m (12,335ft) Ysyk-Köl A364
Torugart Pass 3.752m (12,310ft) Naryn A365
Uch-Chat Ashuu 3.731m (12,240ft) Ysyk-Köl  


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