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Highest roads of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a high mountain country located in Central Asia. Over ninety percent of the country is mountainous territory, so almost any journey, anywhere in the country involves crossing over a mountain pass.

Highest mountain passes of Kyrgyzstan:

Mountain passElevation (m)ProvinceRoad
Kyzylart Pass4,280mOshM41
Pereval Karakyr4.043mYsyk-KölA364
Suyak Pass4,024mYsyk-KölA364
Pereval Chonashu 4.011mYsyk-KölA364
Tash Rabat3,968mNaryn 
Pereval Metrebel3.916mOsh 
Pereval Tossor3,893mYsyk-Köl 
Kok-Airyk3,869 mAlmaty 
Pereval Arabel 3,839mYsyk-Köl 
Pereval Kegety3,832m Naryn 
Bedel Pass3,760mYsyk-KölA364
Torugart Pass3,752mNarynA365
Uch-Chat Ashuu3,731mYsyk-Köl 


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