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Kyzylart Pass

Kyzylart Pass is an international high mountain pass at an elevation of 4.280m (14,042ft) above the sea level, located on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. It’s one of the highest mountain roads of the country.

The road over the pass, also known as Kyzyl Art, is mostly gravel and very rough. It’s called M41 or Pamir Highway. Throughout the area, the land is typically rugged and dry. The road over the pass, also known as Kyzyl-Art Ashuu Pass, was built between 1909 and 1933. The pass lies on the Pamir Mountains and links Sary Tash (Kyrgyzstan) on north and Markansu (Tajikistan) on south. The route on the pass is relatively steep and rugged.
Due its unique location and the climb in elevation over thousands of feet, and passing through remote areas, it is important when driving in these conditions to be prepared. The pass is located in the Trans-Alay Range. To describe the Tajik border control at the Kyzyl-Art Pass as desolate would be an understatement.
Pic: 1959Patrizia


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