Driving a high mountain road to Kumtor Gold Mine

Located in the remote Issyk Kul province of Kyrgyzstan, Kumtor Gold Mine is the second-highest gold mining operation in the world, topping out at 4.460m (14,632ft) above the sea level. It’s one of the highest roads of the country.

Kumtor Gold Mine


Is the road to Kumtor Gold Mine unpaved?

Tucked away on the north-eastern part of the country, near the Chinese border, the road to the mine is totally unpaved but pretty wide. It’s heavily used by trucks. The Kumtor mine is one of the largest gold mines in Central Asia. At this elevation, it is said to be the highest mine in the world.

How long is the road to Kumtor Gold Mine? 

Starting on the main A364, the road is 50.5 km (31.37 miles) long. Located the northwestern slope of the Ak Shirak ridge in the Tian Shan range, on a majestic location surrounded with surreal beauty, this open-pit gold mining site started in 1997. The mine now fully belongs to the Kyrgyz state.
Pic: Vitaliy Rage