Avoid the road through Kyrk-Kyz Pass

Kyrk-Kyz pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3.222m (10,570ft) above the sea level, located in Naryn Province, in the east of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrk-Kyz Pass

The road to the Summit, known as Pereval Kyrk-Kyz, is unpaved. It can be impassable anytime due its extreme risk of rock slides. 4wd vehicle (high clearance) required. The pass is located on the road between Kyzyl-Oi (A-367 Road) and Toluk. Some people drive this road on ATV’s. Driving the road is not recommended due its dangerous and lethal conditions. Better avoid it.

Never drive this trail alone. It suffers the harsh meteorological conditions of the area every winter. On the road you’ll cross hills and pastures and you’ll meet nomads and yurts on the way.
Pic: Adrian Epps