Western Europe-Western China Highway is the New Silk Road

The Western Europe-Western China (WE-WC) Highway is a transcontinental expressway linking China's Yellow Sea coast with Western Europe.

Western Europe-Western China (WE-WC) Highway

Nicknamed as the New Silk Highway, the new vast motorway stretches 8,445km and links the China’s port of Lianyungang with St. Petersburg in Russia. The road is totally paved. It’s one of the longest roads in the world.

Construction of the expressway began in 2008. It links dozens of cities in China, Kazakhstan and Russia. It was completely joined on September 27, 2018. Transportation of goods takes up to 1.5 months by sea and 14 days by railroads, while freight can be delivered along the highway in just 10 days. 
Pic&video: New China TV