Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline: A Road So Winding, You'll Feel Dizzy Just Observing!

Dive into one of Earth's most exhilarating drives - the Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline. Nestled in the northern Tōhoku region of Japan, this daunting road boasts a staggering 69 hairpin turns, easily making one of the most hairpinned roads in the world.

Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline

Elevation and Road Length of Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline

This entirely paved route beckons those with an affinity for winding ascents to towering heights. Managed by Iwaki Skyline Co., Ltd, the road commences from Ajigasawa Highway at Mount Iwaki's base—affectionately dubbed Tsugaru-Fuji due to its iconic conical silhouette—and culminates at the eighth station, standing tall at 1,247 meters (4,091 feet) above sea level. While the summit rises to a breathtaking 1,625 meters (5,331 feet), drivers can only venture as high as the 8th station. From there, an adventurous lift ride awaits those daring enough to experience the peak.

Views from Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline: Are They Worth the Drive?

Absolutely. Alongside the sheer thrill of navigating the hairpins, the mountaintop promises awe-inspiring 360-degree panoramic vistas. For the most intrepid, a trek from the eighth station to the summit is encouraged. The journey is peppered with a lush 90-year-old beech forest near the 3rd station, ensuring the ascent is as scenic as it is thrilling. Annually, this challenging 10km stretch transforms into a racetrack, luring cyclists globally.

Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline's Operational Months and Times

Situated on the peripheries of Hirosaki city in Aomori Prefecture, this winding wonder is accessible from mid-April to late October. While its gates remain open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., by 5:00 p.m., the road is closed. Note to cyclists: this thrilling path is off-limits to bicycles.

The Steep Gradient of Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline

Inaugurated on 25 August 1960, this steep marvel starts at Ajigasawa Highway, 441m above sea level. Over its 9.3 km (5.77 miles) stretch, it climbs 806 meters, averaging a gradient of 8.66%, with some parts even challenging drivers with a steep 10% incline.