The horrifying Old Inunaki Tunnel in Japan

Old Inunaki Tunnel in Japan is a famous spot associated with various urban legends and rumors of being haunted or cursed, where people have been killed or burnt to death, and many murders took place here.

Old Inunaki Tunnel

Where is the Inunaki Tunnel?

The tunnel is located near the Inunaki reservoir, in Miyawaka town, Fukuoka Prefecture, some one hundred miles north of Nagasaki, through a mountain into remote areas. The actual scenery is scary and home to a variety of supernatural phenomena, including ghostly apparitions, strange noises, and feelings of being watched or followed. The tunnel is curvy and less than 100m long.

When was the Inunaki Tunnel built?

Hidden in the Inunaki Mountain region, in the western part of the country, the Inunaki Tunnel (translated as Dog-cry tunnel) opened to traffic in 1949. After two decades in service, a new tunnel was constructed between 1974 and 1975, and the old tunnel fell into disuse, becoming dangerous due to a lack of preservation. Today, a concrete wall seals the tunnel’s entrance, preventing anyone from delving into the depths of this infamous location. Legend has it that the tunnel was once used by the Japanese military during World War II as a testing ground for biological and chemical weapons.

Abandoned Buildings

Near the tunnel, there are reportedly abandoned buildings and structures that add to the eerie atmosphere. These abandoned places often become settings for ghost stories and urban legends.

What happened in Inunaki Tunnel?

It’s said to be Japan’s most haunted tunnel. People had been killed not only inside the tunnel but outside the tunnel too. It’s called the most horrifying place in the area, and the reports of haunting stories are never-ending. According to local legends, during the construction of the tunnel, many workers died due to accidents and mishaps. Their bodies were reportedly buried within the walls of the tunnel, and their angry spirits are said to haunt the area till date. However, it’s particularly famous for a brutal murder that took place there: on December 7th, 1988, five boys tried to steal a car from an engineer without success, then later abducted and tortured him, finally burning him to death with gasoline. In 2000, a dead body was abandoned in the nearby dam. The legend of the Inunaki village - said to be located beyond the tunnel - adds to the mystery. Rumors of Inunaki Village, as we know the legend today, likely first appeared online in 1999.

Why is Inunaki Tunnel sealed?

The tunnel is no longer in use, and after many trespassers, the tunnel is now sealed with concrete blocks. The tunnel was the setting for a Japanese horror movie called "Howling Village" (2019). After the movie, the tunnel suddenly became a tourist hotspot, even crowded during the pandemic.
Pic: By Pontafon [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons