Dead Sea Highway

Dead Sea Highway is the lowest road in the world

Dead Sea Highway is a section of the Highway 90 running along the western shore of the Dead Sea, in Israel. At this point, this highway is the lowest road in the world.

Part of the Highway 90, at 393m (1290ft) below sea level it is the lowest road in the world. This paved road, with one lane in each direction (without any hard built separation), is especially dangerous and it has seen a lot of accidents because the heavy traffic, high speeds, the monotony of the desert and the lack of a barrier between the opposite lanes.

The road is 480 kilometres (300 mi) long, running from the northern (Fatima Gate Border Crossing with Lebanon) to southernmost point the country (Taba Border Crossing with Egypt). The road was built in the 1960s, and being the longest road to travel through Israel, it’s also proven the most dangerous. Between 2003-2018, there were over 2,250 road accidents.



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