Sinjar Mountain road

Sinjar Mountain Road: the drive with 100 hairpin turns

Sinjar Mountain road is a paved road located in the Sinjar Mountain, a single ridge of mountains located in Nineveh Governorate in northwestern Iraq. The road has 90-100 hairpin turns over a distance of 20 km (12 mi).

Highway 1

Highway 1, the world's scariest highway

Highway 1 is dubbed as the world's scariest highway. On the expressway between Jordan and Baghdad, drivers have to brave ISIS fighters and air strikes to bring supplies to Iraq. It might be the most hairy truck route in the world. The number of trucks crossing into Iraq from Jordan has plummeted from 2000 to 30 on some days.

Kelashin Pass

Dare to drive the dangerous Kelashin Pass

Kelashin Pass (Gardaneh-ye Kalashīn) is an international high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.942m (9,652ft) above the sea level, located on the border of Iran and Iraq.

Highway of Death

Highway of Death dubbed the "Highway of Death" during the Persian Gulf War

Highway of Death is a six-lane highway between Kuwait City and the Iraqi city of Basra via the border town of Safwan. It was dubbed the "Highway of Death" during the Persian Gulf War after U.S. aircraft bombed a retreating column of Iraqi tanks and trucks, destroying 2,700 vehicles in all.

Rawanduz Canyon

Rawanduz Canyon, the most beautiful road of Iraq

Located in Iraqi Kurdistan's Erbil Province, close to the borders of Iran and Turkey, Rawanduz Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural spots of the country.

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