Road to Adventure: Journeying to Sahand Ski Resort in Iran

Sahand Ski Resort is perched at an elevation of 2,942m (9,652ft) above the sea level, nestled within the East Azerbaijan province of Iran. It's one of the highest roads of the country.

Sahand Ski Resort

How's the road to Sahand Ski Resort?

Located in the northwestern region of the country, amidst the majestic Sahand mountain range, the route leading to the resort is fully paved and known as the Sahand Ski Resort Road.

How long is the road to Sahand Ski Resort?

Originating from Saied Abad, a city situated in the Central District of Bostanabad County, the journey to the resort stretches across 24.4 km (15.16 miles). The road is consistently well-maintained. However, during inclement weather, access might be restricted. Interestingly, locals mention that the chilly climate of this region sometimes permits skiing even until June.

Venturing Further: The Gravel Road to Mount Sahand

South of the resort, an adventurous gravel road awaits, leading to the northern slopes of Mount Sahand. This route, primarily an access trail for a chairlift, ascends to a height of 3,209m (10,528ft) above sea level. Only for the brave and the equipped, this path demands 4x4 vehicles.