The Wild Road to Dalani Pass in Iran

Dalani Pass, also known as Tateh Pass, is a high mountain pass situated at an elevation of 2,601m (8,533ft) above the sea level. This breathtaking pass is nestled in the Kurdistan Province of Iran, near the border with Iraq.

Dalani Pass

Navigating Road 15: Challenges and Beauty

The road leading to the summit is designated as Road 15. While it is paved, drivers should exercise caution as it is notably narrow, steep, and contains countless turns. As one traverses this route, they will be met with the challenge of dangerous drop-offs, making the journey not recommended for driving novices.

A Glimpse into Kurdish Life

Despite the risks, the drive promises unparalleled rewards. The road weaves through a picturesque valley, offering glimpses into traditional Kurdish life evident in the quaint small villages that dot the path. The environment grows increasingly more captivating with each segment of the journey.

How long is Dalani Pass in Iran?

Spanning a distance of 68.2 km (42.37 miles) and running south-north from Nowsud (Kermanshah Province) to Biakara (Kurdistan Province), this route is not only an engineering marvel but also a testament to nature's beauty. However, it's worth noting that due to heavy snow and storms, the pass remains inaccessible for half of the year.
Pic: Majid Ghahremani