Highest roads of Iran

Situated at the juncture of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Iran boasts a unique blend of geographical wonders. Its vast expanse, as the second-largest nation in the Middle East, unfolds from rugged mountain ranges, like the Alborz and Zagros, to vast central deserts like Dasht-e Kavir. With its contrasting lush Caspian plains and golden desert sands, Iran offers a rich backdrop of history, culture, and natural beauty. This varied topography has given rise to some of the region's highest roads, inviting travelers to journey through its breathtaking landscapes.

Highest roads of Iran
Road Elevation Province Surface
Mount Sabalan 3.675m (12,057ft) Ardabil Unpaved
Mount Gargash 3.578m (11,738ft) Isfahan Paved
Siyah Kamar 3.335m (10,941ft) Alborz Unpaved
Bijan Pass 3.215m (10,547ft) Isfahan-Kohgiluyeh Paved
Mount Sahand 3,209m (10,528ft) East Azerbaijan Unpaved
Salambar Pass 3.204m (10,511ft) Mazandaran Unpaved
Mount Damāvand 3.025m (9,924ft) Mazandaran Unpaved
Kandovan Pass 2,989m (9,806ft) Alborz-Mazandaran Unpaved
Kelashin Pass 2.942m (9,652ft) West Azerbaijan Unpaved
Sahand Ski Resort 2,942m (9,652ft) East Azerbaijan Paved 
Ganjnameh pass 2.801m (9,189ft) Hamadan Paved

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