Kelok Sembilan: 9 curves-climb

Kelok 9 (9 curves-climb) is a very famous road linking the Central and the Eastern regions of the Sumatera province in Indonesia. The spot is very scenic.

Kelok Sembilan

How long is Kelok 9 road in Indonesia?

The road, also known as Kelok Sembilan, is located in the province of Riau, in West Sumatra. It’s 2.7 km (1,7 mi) long running from Central Trans-Sumatra Highway to East Trans-Sumatra Highway. The road starts near Payakumbuh, the second-largest city in Sumatra. It was built between 1908 and 1914. In the past it was famous for having 9 steep curving-climbs that sometimes lead to traffic congestion. The total cost of the road was $49.6 million.

Is Kelok 9 road in Indonesia challenging?

The road is totally paved. In 2013, 6 new bridges were officiated to replace the old climbs. These bridges greatly reduce the congestion and are also great to enjoy. Kelok means curve, and if the name is not suggestive enough, the road has 9 steep curves, which will give a boost of adrenaline to any passionate driver. If you think that 9 curves are dangerous, consider the fact that Kelok 9 was built over the old Kelok 44 road. The new road features a flyover structure and was constructed in response to increasing traffic causing jams on the previously narrow Kelok 44 road. While the journey should have taken less than 4 hours, it often required 5 to 6 hours because of the congestion.

Is Kelok 9 road in Indonesia worth it?

The road passes through two nature reserves, with a luscious green hill flanking it on each side. Both the White Water Reservation and the Harau Nature Reserve are popular attractions amongst tourists. The road is an excellent example of Indonesia’s state-of-the-art road engineering, and in the past few years, it has become a tourist attraction of its own, featuring dozens of Instagrammable spots.