The Serpentine Drive to Lake Maninjau: Unraveling Indonesia's Famous 44 Hairpin Turns on Kelok 44 Road

Lake Maninjau is a caldera lake at an altitude of 460m (1,509ft) above the sea level, located in the district of Tanjung Raya, Agam, West Sumatra, in Indonesia.

Lake Maninjau

Why is Lake Maninjau famous for?

The lake was created approximately 52,000 years ago when a volcano erupted. At 16 kilometres long and 7 kilometres wide, the huge crater reaches to depths of 480m in some places. It is a notable tourist destination in the region due to its scenic beauty and mild climate. The surroundings of the lake where badly hit by the September 2009 Padang earthquake. Many landslides all around the lake destroyed some houses.

How long is Kelok 44, the road to Lake Maninjau?

The road to the lake is fully paved. It’s called Kelok 44 (“44 turns” in English). It’s a steep downhill section of road containing 44 hairpin turns towards the surface of Lake Maninjau. Each of these turns are conveniently numbered on cigarette advertising billboards. The road is 8km (4.97 miles) long. You’ll feel a little sickness in your stomach during the road trip, but the scenery is worth the challenge.

Is Kelok 44, the road to Lake Maninjau, worth it?

Numerous hairpin bends on the route feature quaint cafes, offering the perfect spot to pause and take in the breathtaking views. Kelok 44 has transformed into a favored spot for tourists, enabling them to appreciate the stunning lake vista from a unique bird's eye perspective. Resting spots pepper the roadside, providing tourists ample opportunities to halt their journey and marvel at the exquisite beauty of Maninjau Lake.